Get Ready to Organize a Cleanup

2012 Cleanup Photo Contest Finalists

The 2012 National River Cleanup Photo Contest received over 150 photo entries and 925 total votes!  See pictures of the finalists below.

Organizing a river cleanup is a great way to reconnect your family, friends and neighbors with the streams and rivers in your backyard. The first steps to organizing a river cleanup are selecting a date and location, and registering your cleanup online.

When you register, your cleanup will appear on the Find a Cleanup map, allowing volunteers to find you. We provide FREE trash bags to all organizers who register their event at least four weeks in advance.

Organizing a river cleanup is a rewarding experience. You’ll be satisfied in knowing that you are playing a role in improving your hometown waters.

Promoting Volunteerism

AARP Joins American Rivers in Promoting Volunteerism, Cleanups

American Rivers is working with AARP to increase volunteerism through our National River Cleanup program with a new how-to video and toolkit, How to Organize a River Cleanup.

Watch the video below or download the toolkit (PDF).