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Grant County, NM Votes to Support a Wild and Scenic Gila

September 12, 2019 Contact: Sinjin Eberle, 720-373-0864 The Grant County Commission today passed a resolution to support federal legislation that would protect portions of the Gila and San Francisco Rivers and their tributaries as wild and scenic. The vote comes after a groundswell of support from Tribes, sportsmen, veterans,... Read More

Bloede Dam removal project complete: Patapsco River surges back to life

Dam Removal, Restoring Damaged Rivers
July 31, 2019 Contact: Serena McClain, American Rivers, 202-347-7550 Gregg Bortz, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, 410-260-8001 Jennie Lyons, NOAA, 301-427-8013 David Eisenhauer, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 413-253-8492 Washington – One of the most important dam removal projects in the Mid-Atlantic is officially complete. Project partners announced today... Read More

President Trump’s environment speech: statement from American Rivers

Climate Change & Rivers, Science
July 8, 2019 Contact: Amy Kober, 503-708-1145 Statement by Bob Irvin, President of American Rivers: “President Trump’s claim today that ensuring clean water has been a top priority from day one of his administration is truly fake news. From the outset, the Trump administration has used every means at... Read More


Most Endangered Rivers
List highlights threat climate change poses to rivers, water supplies, public safety American Rivers spotlights national success story on Ohio’s Cuyahoga River Contact: Amy Kober, American Rivers, 503-708-1145 Washington, DC – American Rivers today released its annual list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®, identifying ten rivers facing imminent... Read More

Gila River named America’s Most Endangered River of 2019

Most Endangered Rivers
Climate change and proposed diversion threaten New Mexico’s last wild river Contact: Sinjin Eberle, American Rivers, 720-373-0864 Allyson Siwik, Gila Conservation Coalition, 575-590-7619 Todd Schulke, Center for Biological Diversity, 575-574-5962 Donna Stevens, Upper Gila Watershed Alliance, 575-590-5698 Washington, D.C. – American Rivers today named the Gila River #1 on... Read More