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“The Wild President” Film Highlights Jimmy Carter’s River Conservation Legacy

Protecting Rivers, Wild and Scenic Rivers
Contact: Amy Kober, American Rivers, 503-708-1145, [email protected] Washington, DC – Former President Jimmy Carter’s connection to rivers and his leadership in river protection is celebrated in the new film “The Wild President,” released online today by American Rivers and NRS. “The Wild President” tells the story of Carter’s first... Read More

American Rivers Kicks off 2017 River Cleanup Season

National River Cleanup®
April 14, 2017 Contact: Amy Kober, 503-708-1145 or Lowell George, 202-347-7550 (Washington, DC) – Thousands of volunteers across the country will participate in National River Cleanup®, an American Rivers program that keeps rivers and streams trash-free. The river cleanup season kicks off today and runs through the fall. To... Read More

American Rivers Announces America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2017

Most Endangered Rivers
April 11, 2017 Contact: Amy Kober, American Rivers, 503-708-1145 (Washington, DC) – American Rivers today released its annual list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®, identifying ten rivers facing urgent threats and critical decisions this year. The list highlights the dangers Trump Administration budget cuts pose to rivers and... Read More

American Rivers responds to President Trump’s statements on hydropower dams

Conserving Clean Water, Energy Development, Protecting Rivers
April 5, 2017 Contact: Amy Kober, 503-708-1145 Washington – President Trump made several statements about hydropower dams yesterday, calling them “a great, great form of power” and “one of the best things you can do.” He suggested that regulation of hydropower should be relaxed. Bob Irvin, President of American... Read More

President’s Budget Puts Clean Water and Rivers at Risk Nationwide

Conserving Clean Water, Protecting Rivers, Water Pollution, Water Supply
March 16, 2017 Contact: Amy Kober, 503-708-1145 Washington, DC — President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to clean drinking water and river restoration efforts would cause serious harm to the nation’s health, economy, and quality of life, American Rivers said today. The President’s budget proposal includes deep cuts to the... Read More

Rollback of Clean Water Rule Puts Drinking Water for 1 in 3 Americans at Risk

Protecting Rivers, Water Pollution, Water Supply
February 27, 2017 Contact: Amy Kober, 503-708-1145 Washington, DC – President Trump today is expected to sign an executive order instructing the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to abandon the Clean Water Rule, likely stripping protection from small streams and wetlands from which all... Read More

American Rivers Slams Rollback of Stream Protection Rule

February 16, 2017 Contact: Amy Kober, 503-708-1145 Washington, DC – President Trump today signed into law a measure that will allow more coal mining waste to foul streams, pollute drinking water supplies and threaten the health of communities across Appalachia. The law overturns the Stream Protection Rule, which provided... Read More

72 Dams Removed in 2016, Improving Safety for River Communities

Floods & Floodplains, Protecting Rivers, Restoring Damaged Rivers, Water Supply
February 16, 2017 Contact: Amy Kober, 503-708-1145 or Jessie Thomas-Blate, 609-658-4769 (Washington) – Communities in 21 states, working in partnership with non-profit organizations and state and federal agencies, removed 72 dams in 2016, restoring more than 2,100 miles of streams to benefit public safety, local economies and our nation’s... Read More

American Rivers Statement on Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Basin Ruling

Most Endangered Rivers, Water Supply
Contact: Ben Emanuel, 706-340-8868 or Amy Kober, 503-708-1145 February 15, 2017 Washington – A ruling this week on management of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin, named America’s Most Endangered River in 2016, shows the effort to restore river health and ensure secure water supplies is far from over. The Special... Read More

Nevada Dam Failure and Hole in Oroville Dam Spillway Highlight Problems With Aging Dams

Climate Change & Rivers, Floods & Floodplains, Restoring Damaged Rivers, Stormwater and Sewage
February 10, 2017 Contact: Amy Kober, 503-708-1145 Washington, DC – The failure of a dam in northern Nevada yesterday and the appearance of a 30-foot deep hole in the spillway of the nation’s tallest dam – Oroville Dam in California – highlight the crumbling of our nation’s water infrastructure... Read More