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Banking on Green: A Look at How Green Infrastructure Can Save Municipalities Money and Provide Economic Benefits Community-wide

Conserving Clean Water, Water Supply
Across the country, communities are struggling with how to fix and replace failing and outdated infrastructure and meet new demand to manage stormwater and protect clean water. American Rivers worked with the American Society of Landscape Architects, ECONorthwest, and the Water Environment Federation to release the “Banking on Green”... Read More

City Upstream and Down

Conserving Clean Water, Water Supply
Many cities are defined by their relationship to rivers. People need clean water for drinking and bathing, but urban areas can have profound impacts on water quality and supply. Furthermore, the neighbors that share the river add to these impacts. By managing all water resources in a holistic way,... Read More

Dam Removal And Historic Preservation: Reconciling Dual Objective

Restoring Damaged Rivers
Did you ever have a favorite place growing up that now, every time you drive by, it reminds you of your childhood? Whether it is a bridge, farm, a dam, or some other memorable landmark, there are historic structures and places across the country that have special significance to... Read More

Daylighting Streams: Breathing Life Into Urban Streams And Communities

Conserving Clean Water, Restoring Damaged Rivers
Preserving and protecting small streams is the best approach to ensure environmental and community benefits such as clean water and flood reduction.  In highly urbanized areas, however, where small, headwater streams are often buried, hidden, and forgotten, protecting headwater streams is not possible. Stream daylighting is a relatively new... Read More

Drinking Water Infrastructure: Who Pays and How (And For What)

Conserving Clean Water, Water Supply
There is an increasingly urgent need for renewed investment in our communities’ water infrastructure. This need is driven by the unfortunate reality that for the many decades, funding to maintain water systems has fallen short of the cost of providing safe drinking water, sewage treatment and flood control. The... Read More

Ecology Of Dam Removal

Restoring Damaged Rivers
Rivers and their restoration are complex, and any effort to rehabilitate a river system needs to be based on a sound understanding of the ecological benefits and drawbacks of a proposed restoration plan. Over the past three decades, the scientific community has advanced our understanding of rivers and helped... Read More

Economic Value of Riparian Buffers

Conserving Clean Water
American Rivers With Economics Evaluation And Research Prepared By University Of Maryland Environmental Finance Center. American Rivers’ report, The Economic Value of Riparian Buffers presents research findings from the Environmental Finance Center at the University of Maryland to increase what is understood of economic values associated with the current... Read More

Forests to Faucets

Conserving Clean Water, Water Supply
Forests and forested watersheds in the Southern Appalachian Mountains in the Southeastern U.S. are at serious risk due to development pressure from regional population growth, and as a result of land management practices. Compared to other regions around the country, the Southeast has some of the most vulnerable forests... Read More

Funding Green Infrastructure in Pennsylvania

Floods & Floodplains, Protecting Rivers, Stormwater and Sewage, Urban Waters, Water Pollution
A twist on a familiar adage amongst water managers is “when it rains, it drains.” While not unique to Pennsylvania, in suburban and urban municipalities, centuries of strong growth, including recent decades of sprawl, have transformed much of the state’s natural land cover into extensive impervious surface. As a... Read More

Getting Climate Smart

Climate Change & Rivers, Floods & Floodplains, Urban Waters
A Water Preparedness Guide for State Action In recent years, a record number of extreme weather events including floods, heat waves, droughts, fires and snowstorms have wreaked havoc in the United States. As carbon pollution continues to warm the planet and fuel extreme weather, it is critical that states... Read More

Hidden Reservoir: Why Water Efficiency Is The Best Solution For The Southeast

Climate Change & Rivers, Conserving Clean Water, Restoring Damaged Rivers, Water Supply
The Southeast United States faces unprecedented challenges to its water supply. Growing populations and the impacts of climate change are putting new strains on communities and their rivers. Our local leaders are facing the pressing question of how to ensure a clean, reliable water supply for current and future... Read More

Local Water Policy Innovation: A Road Map for Community Based Stormwater Solutions

Conserving Clean Water, Water Pollution
Stormwater that dirty, oily runoff from streets and parking lots that contaminates local streams is a leading cause of water pollution in Ohio and around the country. American Rivers and Midwest Environmental Advocates released a report, “Local Water Policy Innovation:  A Road Map for Community Based Stormwater Solutions” to... Read More