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Middle Fork Vermilion – Under Siege a Second Time

Energy Development, Most Endangered Rivers
The Middle Fork Vermilion River, Illinois’ only National Scenic River, is on America's Most Endangered Rivers list of 2018 thanks to leaking coal ash ponds- take action today!... Read More

Fish Swim Free in Roaring River, Tennessee

Restoring Damaged Rivers
In August 2017, partners in Tennessee came together to restore the Roaring River by removing an outdated dam. The Roaring River dam removal improves public safety, expands recreation opportunities, and connects aquatic habitat for species such as the Eastern hellbender. ... Read More

Yazoo Pumps: The Zombie Project That Must End

Floods & Floodplains, Most Endangered Rivers, Protecting Rivers
The Yazoo Pumps project on the Big Sunflower River, Mississippi, was a horrible idea in 1940 and it is a horrible idea today. Learn about the history of the project and take action to make sure it doesn't happen - again.... Read More

Fire and Water: Protecting the Chetco River

Climate Change & Rivers, Protecting Rivers
The U.S. Forest Service is considering logging the Wild and Scenic Chetco River after a wildfire burned a portion of the watershed last summer, take action to ensure safe practices are followed.... Read More

What River are you Drinking?

Conserving Clean Water, Protecting Rivers, Water Supply
This week is National Drinking Water week. We’re celebrating the source of our drinking water and learning what we can do at home and in our community to help keep it clean.... Read More