Ensure clean water for everybody

Clean water is a basic human right. It is essential for health, and rivers provide the water our communities need: Most of our water comes from rivers, and abundant river water is necessary for crops and cities alike

Yet our water infrastructure is crumbling and grossly underfunded. Millions of people are vulnerable to the health impacts of water pollution. Communities of Color and Tribal Nations are more likely to be  affected by unhealthy water, due to policies and practices that create and maintain inequities. Meanwhile, our water infrastructure is grossly underfunded. That needs to change.  

We believe it is possible for every community to have a clean, healthy river flowing through it. We work toward a future in which every community has enough clean water to sustain health, happiness, and the natural environment. That is why American Rivers works to ensure clean water for every community. 

How We will do it

Rally To Protect Our Waters, Supreme Court Reviews Sackett Case Which Could Drastically Reduce Clean Water Protections

Strengthening the Clean Water Act

We work with partners to defend and strengthen the Clean Water Act and other key federal and state safeguards.

Advocating for infrastructure investment

We are making sure that hundreds of millions of dollars of federal funding flows to improve climate resiliency, safety, and health.

News & Updates