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With New Thinking, Flood Control Projects can Ease Drought

Water Supply
Recently, Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature announced a $1.1 billion drought relief plan for California. But the $660 million allocated for flood management had many observers scratching their heads. We believe that this money could actually enhance water supply, but only if we rethink the flood system. The governor is... Read More

Protecting Our Grand Canyon

Most Endangered Rivers
Guest post by Roger Clark  Being named America’s Most Endangered River is a dubious honor. First place in rivers under siege is the last place we want the mighty waters that cut Grand Canyon to be. So when American Rivers asked Grand Canyon Trust to be its local partner... Read More

Collaborative Plan Provides Vision for Nooksack River

Wild and Scenic Rivers
It is such a thrill to complete a project! Especially a two and half year collaborative, planning project that involves several organizations, governments and individuals who have spent hundreds of hours in meetings, on field tours and site assessments, and researching and writing detailed information. It gives me great... Read More

America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2015

Most Endangered Rivers
It’s one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and an irreplaceable national treasure. It’s the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, and it is the #1 Most Endangered River of 2015. The river faces a battery of threats that could forever harm its health and the unique... Read More

Restore the Gorge!

Restoring Damaged Rivers
The Upper St Anthony Falls Lock closure is inspiring a lot of imagination as citizens, planners, and non-profits try to dream up a new Minneapolis riverfront.  Some of the ideas were voiced at a visioning meeting in Minneapolis a few weeks ago at Mill City. My personal favorite vision: Restoring the... Read More

5 Reasons We Need to Fight for the Grand Canyon…Again

Discover Rivers, Most Endangered Rivers
Millions of Americans, and citizens from around the globe, recognize the Grand Canyon as one of the most iconic landscapes on the planet. Hundreds of millions of people have gazed into its depths, mouths agape, wondering how a place as stunning and spectacular as this could even exist, not... Read More

Update on Searsville Dam

Most Endangered Rivers, Restoring Damaged Rivers
If you haven’t urged Stanford to do the right thing with Searsville Dam, you can add your voice right now.... Read More