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Can the South Fork Salmon River be saved?

Protecting Rivers, Water Pollution
The South Fork Salmon River is a national treasure that provides critical spawning habitat for the longest distance, high-elevation salmon migration on earth, as well as world class whitewater recreation, fishing, and opportunities for solitude.... Read More

Top 10 Strategies for Climate Resilience in the CO Basin

Protecting Rivers, Restoring Damaged Rivers
Experts are sounding the alarm (and have been) about the realities of a simultaneously drying and ever-more-water-demanding West. We must invest in immediate strategies for managing the situation brought on by the climate crisis. A recent report to which American Rivers contributed outlines some such strategies for climate resilience... Read More

Snake River Vision: Energy Replacement

Dam Removal, Energy Development, Hydropower, Restoring Damaged Rivers
At American Rivers, we believe that any plan to remove the four lower Snake River dams must include an equitable and robust economic transition plan for affected communities. A key component of our regional dialogue must include the feasibility of replacing the dams’ services with alternative methods of transportation,... Read More

Snake River Vision: Vibrant Agriculture

Dam Removal, Environmental Justice, Restoring Damaged Rivers
America’s bold bet on barging and hydropower on the Columbia and Snake—and the massive commitment to infrastructure and technology it required—changed the Northwest. We know now that along with those benefits came an enormous cost.... Read More