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An Update on Northwest Flooding

"Atmospheric rivers” have been slamming the U.S. West Coast for the last several weeks, causing tremendous damage and placing many communities and families in harm’s way.... Read More

California’s Forest Roads and Rivers

The Sierra Nevada mountains are the source of more than 60% of California’s water, with much of that originating in small headwater streams. Unfortunately, the water supply and water quality coming from these streams is at risk.... Read More

The Climate Crisis is a Water Crisis

It is time to put rivers and freshwater at the center of the climate conversation. The stakes couldn’t be higher, as dangerous floods threaten communities, drought puts livelihoods at risk and fish and wildlife are pushed closer to extinction as streams dry up. ... Read More

An Emergency for River Wildlife

In September, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that 23 species in total -- 11 birds, eight freshwater mussels, two fish, one bat and one plant – were officially extinct and are gone forever.... Read More

Our Favorite River Songs

There are few things at American Rivers we argue over as much as the question: what is the best river song?... Read More