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Brian Graber

Senior Director, River Restoration

Brian joined American Rivers in May 2007. He leads AR’s River Restoration team around the country to remove dams, restore floodplains, and replace culverts. Trained as a fluvial geomorphologist and water resources engineer, he specializes in river habitat restoration and restoration program building.

Prior to working at American Rivers, he was the River Restoration Scientist at the Massachusetts Riverways Program, where he helped guide the development of the state’s River Restoration Priority Project Program. He previously coordinated Trout Unlimited’s Small Dams Program, which worked closely with American Rivers to remove obsolete dams that do more harm than good. He has also worked as a self-employed consultant, designing dam removal channel restoration, completing watershed assessments, and implementing dam removal project monitoring at projects in Wisconsin, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Education: B.A. in Geography at Dartmouth College, M.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering (hydrology) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and M.S. in Geography (fluvial geomorphology) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Favorite River: South Yuba River