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Ben Emanuel

Director, Clean Water Supply

Ben joined American Rivers in 2011. Prior to that he worked at Georgia River Network and worked for the Altamaha Riverkeeper as its Oconee River Project Director. An Atlanta native, Ben has also worked as a local reporter and news editor in Athens, Georgia, and was a co-founder of a river study project called the Georgia River Survey.

Education: BA, University of Georgia

Favorite River: Satilla River

River Story: In the spring and summer of my first few years after finishing college, I had the great good fortune to spend quite a lot of time on some of Georgia’s major rivers through a project called the Georgia River Survey. A group of good friends, we did multi-week canoe trips and performed generalized ecological surveys on the Flint, Satilla, Altamaha, Oconee, Ocmulgee and others… a once-in-a-lifetime experience generated by a common interest in really getting to know a river through spending our time on it. The data collected has proved useful to some members’ academic pursuits in the ensuing years, and the experience has informed my work in river conservation mightily. Plus, there are a lot of river stories that have come out of those trips!