New Forever Stamps Celebrate Wild and Scenic Rivers

Here’s a great excuse to start mailing more handwritten notes to friends and family – Wild and Scenic Rivers stamps are here!

Wild and Scenic Forever Stamps | Photo by Amy Kober

Four years ago, Bob Irvin, president of American Rivers, suggested to the U.S. Postal Service Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee that a set of commemorative stamps would be an excellent way to honor the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

Today, we celebrated the release of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Forever Stamps with the U.S. Postal Service and partners at Oregon’s Tumalo State Park.

The event was a chance to honor the beauty of the 12 Wild and Scenic Rivers chosen for the stamps, captured by photographers Tim Palmer, Bob Wick and Michael Melford. And, it was an opportunity to thank the grassroots advocates, agency staff and champions in Congress who are working every day to leave a legacy of wild, free-flowing rivers for our children.

Here are some highlights from today’s first-day-of-issue ceremony:

David Moryc, Director of River Protection for American Rivers

Tim Palmer, author, photographer and former board member of American Rivers

Get your stamps and learn more.


8 responses to “New Forever Stamps Celebrate Wild and Scenic Rivers

    1. Hi Dianne,

      This event announcing the stamps happened last year. Rest assured, we are masked up and social distancing now.

  1. Funny how the Salmon isn’t one of the stamps seeing it was the first wild and scenic river in the country.

  2. I always pay special attention to what stamps I use on my Solstice cards and I’ve already ordered these stamps – some for use now and the rest for my cards!

  3. What a beautiful tribute. For the vast majority of folks who live in Cities they have no idea what incredible wild areas are less than half a days drive or how threatened they are. Perhaps this will bring a awareness needed to save these places.

  4. This is so wonderful to know that American Rivers and the Postal Service collaborated to make new American Rivers stamps !! The process will help this very important cause. . . . . I am so happy to see this. I definitely will be buying these beautiful new postal stamps !!

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