An Illustrative Handbook on Nature-Like Fishways, Summarized Version


Nature-like fishways are being constructed worldwide as a fish passage solution that enhances aquatic habitat as well as passes a large variety of fish species and life stages. The design philosophy for these fishways is ecologically minded, aiming to achieve a good fit with the specific riverine environment they are constructed in. This summarized version of “An Illustrative Handbook on Nature-Like Fishways” gathers photographs from multiple nature-like fishways that have been constructed around the world and lists critical design data for each project. Design features included are: location of project, designer, channel slope, width, head loss, design flows, materials utilized in construction, cost, species of fish passed, and passage efficiencies if available. The goal is to supply designers and people faced with fish passage decisions with illustrations of the many nature-like fishways already constructed to encourage this type of innovative thinking and nature-like design approach, when feasible. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.