Kevin Fedarko Book Tour

American Rivers is proud to partner with Kevin Fedarko, author of The Emerald Mile and now his most recent book, A Walk in the Park, a rollicking and poignant account of an epic misadventure between two friends with zero preparation and one shining dream: a 750-mile odyssey, on foot, through the heart of America’s most magnificent national park and the grandest wilderness on earth.

A Walk in the Park is an immersive account of haunting journey, a singular portrait of a sublime place, and a moving plea for the preservation of America’s greatest natural treasure.

Through the lens of both The Emerald Mile and A Walk in the Park, Fedarko illustrates the grandeur and iconic nature of both the Colorado River and Grand Canyon, while also highlighting and elevating the significant challenges facing the river, and the more than 40 million people across the Southwest who depend upon it.

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