Evaporating water sources, wildlife die-offs, deepening droughts, intensifying storms and flooding.

The profound impacts climate change is wreaking on our freshwater systems threaten every person and ecosystem in our country.

Healthy rivers are our best defense. American Rivers drives conservation and policy solutions to ensure rivers can continue to provide us with clean water, buffer our communities against flooding, and give refuge to fish and wildlife as climate change makes ecosystems hotter and drier.

How we confront climate change

Protect Healthy Rivers
We advocate for federal safeguards for rivers, wetlands and headwater streams to protect pristine ecosystems and provide safe haven for fish and wildlife as our climate changes.

Restore Floodplains
We restore damaged and overdeveloped floodplains so they can better store floodwaters, provide high-quality wildlife habitat and reduce the flood risk to nearby communities.

Innovate How Water is Managed
We partner with cities, Indigenous Peoples, ranchers and social change groups to address injustice in water management, improve water quality, and reduce urban flooding and scarcity.

Ensure Healthy Rivers and Clean Energy
We remove dams that are no longer necessary, and we pioneer policies that lead to better management and operations of hydropower dams in order to improve the health of the river.

Advance River Science
We study the effects of climate change on freshwater wildlife and how restoring river ecosystems can mitigate global warming.

Act Now to Save Rivers

Seize this moment to safeguard rivers and help communities be climate ready.