Splashy speaks up for clean water

One little drop of a stream can change everything you know about clean water

Meet Splashy, an eager small stream who wants you to know how a recent Supreme Court ruling that cut protections for streams like him, is putting your clean water at risk.

The health of our rivers depends on streams like Splashy and the gang – Arroyo, Gully, and Bog. These small streams and wetlands are the ‘building blocks’ of our rivers.

All water is connected. Allowing pollution anywhere threatens the waters we depend on. That is why we need to hold polluters accountable and strengthen the Clean Water Act.

You can help: watch and share Splashy’s stories and take action for a stronger Clean Water Act today!

Introducing Splashy — Episode 1: The Facts

Splashy and the gang are here to teach you all about how small streams and wetlands are connected to your clean water. You will likely learn something new, and you might just fall in love with a little blue drop of water.

More with Splashy — Episode 2: The Threats to clean water

Being a stream isn’t all fun and games, especially since the Supreme Court last year took away federal protections for millions of miles of streams and wetlands. Splashy is here to tell you all about the threats currently facing clean water.

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