Getting The Word Out About Your Cleanup

Media attention can be very beneficial to your cleanup, especially if you plan on holding it annually. When working with sponsors and attendees, the lure of media attention might help secure additional donations and sponsors, as well as attendees. If you’re planning on media outreach as part of your event, here are some things to keep in mind.

Print, Radio, Television, Blogger Promotion

Tips to get and leverage media attention:

  • Customize an e-mail or letter to reporters and bloggers who may cover your event using this press release template. Include the link if you have an event web page or Facebook page.
  • Invite reporters and bloggers to attend your cleanup.
  • Mention any sponsors and/or civic leaders who may be attending.
  • Follow up after the event with a press release summarizing the day including statistics on trash removed and any photos.
  • Set up an internet alert (such as Google) to track any media coverage you receive.
  • Keep copies of all media received. You’ll be able to use them the following year to help secure sponsorship and/or encourage elected officials to participate.

Example blurbs for newsletters, blogs, calendars, etc.:

[Your organization] invites you to participate in the [River Cleanup] in conjunction with American Rivers’ National River Cleanup™. Join us on [Date, Time, and Location] for a fun day of removing tons of trash from our [River/Stream].  For more information or to signup please contact [Organizer’s name and contact information] or view our cleanup information at

Tons of trash and debris are removed by the hands of thousands of volunteers every year and YOU can join them. Participate in the [River Cleanup] hosted by [Your Organization] in conjunction with American Rivers’ National River Cleanup™. The [River Cleanup] will be held at [Location, Date and Time]. Visit to sign up or find more information or contact [Organizer’s name, contact information].

Social Media Promotion


  • Create a Facebook “event” and send it out to your network. When your Facebook fans respond, it’ll post on their status updates, letting all of their friends know about the event, too.
  • Encourage attendees to post information about your event on their social networks.


  • Encourage live posting or tweeting during the event.


  • Post photos to a Flickr photostream. Be sure to share with American Rivers, too, and we’ll add a link back to your organization’s NRC page.Share these photos on Facebook. Tag volunteers and American Rivers in the photos to help share with a wider audience.


  • Post videos of your cleanup on your YouTube channel.
  • If you have a short video, please share it with American Rivers so we can post on our YouTube channel, too, and help you spread the word.

On The Ground Promotion


To use American Rivers’ logo, please contact the National River Cleanup campaign manager by email at [email protected] or by phone at (800) 347-7550.