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White Dam, GA | Photos by James Shelton, University of Georgia Milburnie Dam, NC | Photos by Restoration Systems Maxwell Pond Dam, Black Brook, NH | Photos by Steven Landry, NHDES Scholars Run Dam, PA | Photos by Lisa Hollingsworth-Segedy Wolf Park Dam, OH | Photo by OHDNR

Steeles Mill Dam

Hitchcock Creek, North Carolina The Story Hitchcock Creek, a small tributary of the Pee Dee River, flows east to west just above the border between North and South Carolina. The Pee Dee itself runs from the northwestern corner of North Carolina, through South Carolina, and into the Atlantic Ocean. The Pee Dee and its tributaries… Read more

Penobscot River Dams

Penobscot River, Maine The Story The Penobscot River is the largest river in Maine, weaving through thousands of miles of beautiful landscape from its headwaters in north-central Maine down to the Penobscot Bay in the Gulf of Maine. This large-scale restoration project on the Penobscot was initiated in 1999 when Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL)… Read more

Edwards Dam

Kennebec River, Maine The Story The Kennebec River flows more than 100 miles through the heart of Maine, from Moosehead Lake, located in the Longfellow Mountains, past Augusta and into the Atlantic Ocean. Prior to the construction of Edwards Dam, the Kennebec provided extensive habitat for ten species of migratory fish, including Atlantic salmon, American… Read more

Cuyahoga River Dams

Cuyahoga River, Ohio The River Located in northeast Ohio, the Cuyahoga River has ironically become a symbol for both the industrial and the environmental movements in the United States. One hundred miles in length, the Cuyahoga flows straight through the heart of Cleveland’s industrial zone and is notorious for emptying into Lake Erie, just 30… Read more

Condit Dam

White Salmon River, Washington The Story Originating from the slopes of Mount Adams in Washington, the White Salmon River runs 44 miles south until it merges with the Columbia River. In 1913, the massive Condit Dam was constructed on the White Salmon three miles upstream from its confluence with the Columbia. The 125-foot tall and… Read more

Bartlett Rod Shop Co. Dam and Timber Dam

Amethyst Brook, Massachusetts The Story Amethyst Brook is a coldwater stream located in Western Massachusetts near the town of Pelham. It winds its way through the serene Amethyst Brook Conservation Area until it joins with Fort River, a tributary of the larger Connecticut River. Amethyst Brook is home to many iconic species, including Atlantic salmon,… Read more

Boardman River Dams

Boardman River, Michigan The Story Originating near Kalkaska, Michigan, the Boardman River flows 28.2 miles through forests, meadows and towns before emptying into Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City, Michigan. The river’s watershed drains a vast 295 square miles, connecting hundreds of miles of river and tributaries that are vital to the success of many… Read more

Restoration Success Story Video Gallery

Taking a Second Look (American Rivers) Restoring America’s Rivers (American Rivers) A Dam No More (Portland General Electric)  Dam: Marmot Dam | River:  Sandy River | State: Oregon Celebrating the Removal of the Columbia Dam (The Nature Conservancy) Dam: Columbia Dam | River:  Paulins Kill | State: New Jersey Rethinking Culverts (The Nature Conservancy) Culverts:… Read more