Moonlight on Buffalo

Moonlight on Buffalo, a poem by Roxy Rose, tells the story of one of Roxy’s many times spent along the Arkansas’ Buffalo National River.

Buffalo National River | Angela Peace

This guest blog contains a poem by Roxy Rose, and is a part of our America’s Most Endangered Rivers® series on the Buffalo National River.

Moonlight on Buffalo

Remembering who I am,

River Dragon,

Woman who would let this swift flow of water

take her blindly into darkness,

around bends guarded by majestic bluffs,

through tunnels of trees where moonlight dare not penetrate.

Exhilaration fills my soul

and boundless is the joy of knowing

I am part of this magic.

Surrounded by others who are also remembering

we belong to this river

and to each other.

We are the family chosen for ourselves,

as much a part of this place

as the silent fish swimming below,

the shy reptiles slithering between rock and water,

the birds that tend their nestlings,

the animals that take sustenance and shelter along point bars and cut banks.

The river gives all,

flowing freely towards the sea,

taking us along while

Luna bathes us in spectacular luminosity,

hanging high in a clear sky,

wearing her wild mane of starry tresses.

We beach, for a time,

by a flickering fire.

Drunk in jubilation songs ring out

as penny whistle and uke strings

vibrate the night air.

Clouds drift lined in silver.

The sky show intensifies while,

laughter rings bright and sparkly beneath grand planetary alignments,

until we reach the final run.

Scattering once more into separate lives,

we reflect silently of our strengthened bond,

our knowing reconfirmed as mist fades this mystical memory

while we give thanks for having been alive

during this perfect moment in time.

By Roxy Rose

19 June 2016 /Summer Solstice Full Moon Float on Buffalo National River

Please join us in telling the State of Arkansas to protect the Buffalo River and deny permits for C&H Hog Farms’ poorly sited facility on Big Creek.


Author:  Roxy Rose

Roxy Rose came to Arkansas 35 years ago to float the Buffalo River and has made it her home ever since. She worked as a park ranger on Buffalo National River for seven years and taught art and the gifted in the Ozarks for 21 years. Now residing in Hot Springs National Park, she works as an artist and regularly attends Wednesday night poetry sessions.

2 responses to “Moonlight on Buffalo

  1. A beautiful poem by a beautiful lady. It makes me want to climb into a kayak and go for a full moon float. I think I will.

  2. I had the great privilege of being on this float. We do full moon floats throughout the summer and each one is special. This particular float was just magical and I wish all Americans could have this experience. Possibly that would help people understand the importance of saving this river for all generations to come. Jimmy Driftwood, a well known folk singer from Arkansas said, “the Buffalo River is God’s gift to Arkansas and Arkansas’s gift to the world”.

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