Rivers Connect Us In So Many Ways

Thanks to supporters, new and old, we’re coming together to do amazing things for our rivers.

On November 9, the day after the election, I got an email from John Sherffius, an artist we have worked with in the past (he did the great illustration highlighting threats to the Grand Canyon).

He wrote that he was worried about new threats to rivers and the environment, and he wanted to help.

Several days later, he shared the wonderful illustration above that captures what we’re all about as an organization.

Our country is a nation of rivers. Rivers flow through our communities and they flow through our veins. We all live downstream and we have a responsibility to each other, and our children and grandchildren. Healthy rivers are essential to each and every one of us – for the water we drink, the food we eat, for our economy, for our health.

Thank you, John, for this gift. And thanks to all of you who have stepped up over the past three months. You have made donations. You have called your Members of Congress. Your voices matter.

We are so grateful to all of you – long-time members, and those of you who just joined recently – for speaking up for clean water and healthy rivers.

When we come together we can do amazing things, and rivers truly do connect us in so many ways. Share this graphic »

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  1. Hello, I also have love for nature that has stemmed from the parks that make the Potomac river so unique about where I grew up I’ve been a product of my community when it comes to expressing my commitment while active in the community, I became a better person when we had pets that were a part of our life while growing up.

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