Klamath River Dam Removal | Photo by Daniel Nylen

The world’s biggest dam removal project will soon begin on the Klamath River

After more than 100 years of being dammed, the lower Klamath River will flow free once again.

Every $1 donated to American Rivers goes to fight for healthy rivers and clean water, everywhere, for everyone.

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Our Priorities

Saving rivers isn’t a choice. It’s survival. Our vision is to keep rivers healthy and free while ensuring people have the water they need. We do it by protecting wild rivers, restoring damaged rivers and conserving clean water for people and nature.

Cracked Earth | Photo by Tim Romano Photography

Climate Change

Drought, floods and soaring temperatures threaten rivers, wildlife and people. Healthy, free-flowing rivers will be a community’s greatest strength in an era of climate change.

Clean Water

Too many rivers are choked with pollution and water supplies are at risk. Everyone deserves a healthy river and safe, clean water.

Elwha River, WA | Photo by NPS

Dam Removal and Hydropower

Thousands of dams are harming rivers nationwide. Removing dams and improving dam operations is vital to restoring the rivers that fish, wildlife and people depend on.

East Rosebud Creek Trout | Photo by Pat Clayton

Protecting Healthy Rivers

Our last wild rivers face a host of threats. Protecting these special places will ensure abundant wildlife and strong communities for generations to come.

Colorado River, UT | Photo by Sinjin Eberle

America’s Most Endangered River

The #1 Most Endangered River is ground zero for the climate and water crisis