How Do We Manage Water Pollution

Sunrise over the Charles River, Boston - credit Frank Slack

Charles River, Boston | Frank Slack

Safeguarding the clean water that is the lifeblood of our communities and environment

Water. What could be more important to our health, our communities, and our lives?

By focusing our efforts on stopping pollution from sewage spills and stormwater runoff, American Rivers is working to ensure that our rivers and streams are safe for drinking, fishing, swimming and boating.

And by safeguarding small streams and wetlands, we are preserving nature’s ability to filter and supply clean water. As droughts, floods and waterborne diseases intensify with global warming, this “natural infrastructure” will become more important than ever.

Working for a Strong Clean Water Act

American Rivers is working to protect clean water for people and wildlife in the face of 21st century challenges such as aging infrastructure, polluted runoff, and increasingly variable and frequent floods and droughts.

Through our work, we are leading efforts to advance funding for and implementation of green infrastructure and water efficiency practices to reduce polluted stormwater runoff and to secure reliable and predictable clean water supplies. We are also working to restore protections for small streams and wetlands and ensure healthy flows in rivers.