21st Century Solutions to Protect People and River Health

The nation’s annual flood damages continue to grow, now exceeding $6 billion a year.

Yolo Bypass, California

Floods are a natural fact of life on every river. Unfortunately, for many decades communities have turned to structural flood control, like dams and levees, that have destroyed the floodplains and wetlands that provide natural, free flood protection for communities. We need smarter, 21st century flood protection solutions that work with nature, not against it.

Our work seeks to protect and promote restoration of rivers, floodplains, and wetlands by educating decision makers about the value and importance of natural flood protection, and by advancing new federal polices and strategies that will promote the use of natural flood protection as the best option.

Read more about river flooding and the National Flood Insurance program [pdf] and what we’re doing to improve it. Our Report: Natural Defenses.