Congaree River Blue Trail

American Rivers has been instrumental in assuring enhanced stream flows to support recreation and habitat for fish and wildlife as part of a new federal licensing for upstream dams.

There is much to explore along the Congaree River. Starting near Columbia, the 50 mile Blue Trail offers opportunities to experience the area’s rich history and wildlife through canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and other family-friendly activities.

The highlight of the Blue Trail is Congaree National Park, the largest protected wilderness in South Carolina. Congaree National Park boasts 90 tree species, roughly half of the number found in all of Europe, and some of the tallest trees in the Eastern U.S. Paddlers and hikers can enjoy 20 miles of trails within the park, as well as camping, fishing, birding, and nature study.

Since its beginnings, the Blue Trail has helped thousands discover the Congaree River. Groups like Canoeing for Kids use the Blue Trail to teach life skills to underserved youth paddling on the river. It was recognized by the Department of the Interior as a model for how communities are connecting with America’s Great Outdoors through their rivers.