Polluters Attempt Yet Another Attack on Clean Water Rule

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Congress has launched at least fourteen legislative attacks on the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps’ Clean Water Rule since it was proposed in April of 2014 – this week marks one more.

The Clean Water Rule restores important safeguards to small streams and wetlands that are needed in order to protect our drinking water supplies, economy and environment. It also provides clarity for all stakeholders as to which waters are and which waters are not protected by the Clean Water Act. Unfortunately, polluters and their allies in Congress have become desperate to avoid the possibility of having to get a permit before filling in or polluting our nation’s waters and are now trying to use the Congressional Review Act to block the Clean Water Rule and any iteration of it in the future.

The U.S. House of Representatives is voting on a resolution under the Congressional Review Act to block the Clean Water Rule [S.J. Res 22]. The resolution does far more than just reject the Clean Water Rule; it prevents the EPA and Army Corps from ever developing a new rule that is “substantially similar.” Therefore if S.J. Res. 22 is enacted, EPA and the Army Corps will be prohibited from taking the necessary steps to protect our drinking water from polluters.

The scientific foundation of the The Clean Water Rule is the accompanying scientific report Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters: A Review and Synthesis of the Scientific Evidence, a compilation of more than 1,200 individually peer reviewed scientific studies. The Connectivity Report itself was formally peer reviewed by a Science Advisory Board. The science is conclusive: small streams and wetlands exert a strong influence on the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of downstream waters and are interconnected with navigable waters hydrologically and ecologically. Due to this scientifically proven connection to larger bodies of water, small streams and wetlands are protected under the Clean Water Rule.

The comment period for the Clean Water Rule lasted almost seven months. During that time more than 1 million comments were submitted to the EPA, and of those comments more than 800,000 were in favor of the Clean Water Rule. The EPA and Army Corps reviewed those comments very carefully and incorporated them into the final Clean Water Rule which was published in June of 2015.

The final Clean Water Rule is based on sound science and had ample public input and support. Congress should be protecting our clean water rather than trying to protect polluters.

14 Responses to “Polluters Attempt Yet Another Attack on Clean Water Rule”


    You know you can’t live without good water, correct? So, it won’t matter if you have a job or not. Their is NO integrity in polluting our environment.

Wayne Waits

“No matter how big a hammer you use, you can’t knock common sense into stupid people !!” Protect our Clean Water…

Wayne Waits

Bruce Key

Voting to change legislation and adding clause to prevent further legislation on clean water is absurd and shoukd be criminal. Water is life. Protect our water supply.

Anne Marie D. Lee

I support the Clean Water Rule and would like to see our nation’s waters protected.

Anne Marie D. Lee

Sonya Rose

The Clean Water Act is scientically backed and should be supported by Congress for the current and future inhabitants of of the United States. Say no to polluters.


We are running out of time to stop pollution causing cancers. Protect our most precious resource water.

Mark Hauser

I cannot really believe folks in Congress can even think about voting or for that matter writing a bill that allows polluters to do as they wish. This clean water act that they are trying to eliminate will reverse what was worked so hard for is far more important than big dollars being able to get a free ride to poullute as they want.

malcolm tarkington

Clean and clear streams should never be a political issue, keep clean water laws at any cost! Money can’t buy clean water, clean land and clean air. Money would be worthless without our health!

john crowder

In about 1978-79, when the first truly comprehensive regulations were proposed for the Section 404 program, there were outcries of over-regulation and predictions of economic disaster. Some critics even said that the government, under those regulations, could call your bathtub a water of the United States. The regulations went into force and the Corps of Engineers and EPA programs have not brought about the disasters prophesied by critics. The current regulations
were drafted not at the whim of the agencies, but in response to several federal court decisions and do not massively expand the authorities of the federal government under the Clean Water Act to cripple the U.S. economy and drive developers, farmers and foresters into bankruptcy. But the critics have emerged again with their distortions and exaggerations and convinced a lot of folks that there will be un-shirted hell to pay unless these rules are interdicted. Same old song and dance, out of tune and out of step with reality!

Gary Mabley

Seems like the Flint River could be a poster child for retaining the Clean Water Act …


This is why I am voting for Bernie Sanders for President of the United States and the people running for congress who support Bernie. #Bernie2016