When we work together, we can achieve victories that not only benefit the health of rivers, but our economy and communities as well. Here is what we’re doing to protect your rivers.

Protecting wild rivers

Ensuring wild rivers continue to flow free, providing clean water, recreation and wildlife habitat.

What Are Wild and Scenic Rivers? | The Value of Wild River | Map of Wild and Scenic Rivers in the United States

Restoring damaged rivers

Revitalizing river health through dam removal, floodplain restoration and other solutions.

Why We Remove Dams | Map of Dams Removed in the U.S. Since 1916 | How Dams Damage Rivers | How Dams are Removed | Why Restoring Floodplains Is Safer Than Building Levees

Conserving clean water

Helping communities use water wisely to stretch supplies and improve river health.

Pharmaceuticals in Our Water Supply | Stormwater Runoff and Sewage Pollution | How the Clean Water Act Protects Your Rivers | Conserving Water and Using Water Efficiently | Improving Our Water Infrastructure

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Rivers and climate change

Helping communities become more resilient in the face of increasing floods and droughts.

Healthy Rivers, Healthy Communities | Hydropower and Climate Change | Impacts of Climate Change on Rivers

Energy development and rivers

Safeguarding rivers from the harmful impacts of hydropower, mining and other energy development.

Hydropower and Hydroelectric Dams | Fracking & Natural Gas Development | Mining Minerals and Coal Near Our Rivers | Pipelines

America’s Most Endangered Rivers®

This annual campaign spotlights ten rivers facing urgent threats and mobilizing citizens to call for positive change.

This Year’s Report | About The Report