Why We’re Thankful For Rivers

Can you imagine Thanksgiving without clean water?

  • 66%

    of American's get their drinking water from rivers.

  • 2 Million

    American's are without access to clean water right now

The U.S. EPA says it takes about 48,000 gallons of water to produce a Thanksgiving meal for eight people. This includes raising the turkey, growing the carrots and boiling the potatoes. That is a lot of clean water. Can you imagine what Thanksgiving would be like without it?

Well we did, so we decided to make some tried and true Thanksgiving recipes minus one very important ingredient: clean water. The results? Check back throughout the week to see how our recipes turned out.

Here’s our Thanksgiving meal without life’s most important ingredient.

Wednesday’s recipe — Apple Pie:

Tuesday’s recipe — Candied Carrots:

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Monday’s recipe — Homemade cranberry sauce:

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