The World Beneath the Rims

Sometimes we experience stretches of great energy and purpose and flow, or find ourselves confronted by enormous obstacles that create turbulence. Perhaps all of that may be a reason why this landscape has such a magnetic power for a certain type of artist. They are unable to resist its pull because they find themselves swept downstream and into it, both physically and metaphorically.” – Kevin Fedarko

There are few places in the world like the Grand Canyon, a place that is so magical, so immense, and so recognizable by billions of people around the planet. The Grand Canyon inspires you, whether you are standing on its rims and gazing into the abyss or neck-craning views at the bottom of the gorge. It creates wonder as you watch the fragile life clinging in its small seeps, springs and waterfalls in small, intimate spaces within this giant landscape. Precious water in this arid environment not only created the place, but sustains its life and allure to so many, and provides inspiration for artists who come to the Canyon to discover and expose their inner creativity.

We need more Kevin Fedarko’s, we need more Amy Martin’s, and we need more Bruce Aiken’s in defense of the Grand Canyon.

Guided by Kevin Fedarko, author of The Emerald Mile, this film explores the lives of world-renowned painter Bruce Aiken and Grand Canyon photographer Amy Martin. We experience how the Grand Canyon, particularly water beneath the rims, both inspires their art, and connects them to this iconic landscape.

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