Follow Rica Fulton on a journey down the Little Snake River in our newest film, directed by Rig to Flip. Our adventure begins by following Rica’s involvement monitoring a controversial Wyoming water project and personally observing what is at stake by putting her own boat on the river. Rica takes us beyond common public access boat ramps, and introduces the viewer to a little-known tributary of the renowned Yampa River. We follow Rica searching for adventure, solitude, reward and revelation in the divine interconnectivity of watersheds.

Special thanks to our partners Klean Kanteen, CKS Online and Friends of the Yampa for making this a reality.

One response to “Rio Rica

  1. Hi Rica,
    Great video! Thanks for bringing attention to the Little Snake in a sincere and heart-felt way.
    I live in Encampment, just over the hill from the proposed dam site. I work for TU as the North Platte River Water Project Manager.

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