American Rivers works with River Councils around the country to help support our efforts to protect rivers.

California River Council

Fred St. Goar, M.D. (Co-Chair)
Atherton, CA

Gregory Serrurier (Co-Chair)
Menlo Park, CA

Kristin Hull
Piedmont, CA

David Kennedy
Palo Alto, CA

Jeff Mount, Ph.D.
Davis, CA

Dan Reicher
Piedmont, CA

Susan Sogard
Scotts Valley, CA

Clavey Wendt
Angels Camp, CA

Colorado River Council

Tom Barney (Co-Chair)
Durango, CO

Carrie Besnette Hauser (Co-Chair)
Glenwood Springs, CO

Mike Boyd
Boulder, CO

Marty Chavez
Albuquerque, NM

Ben Kurtz
Denver, CO

Patty Lynch
Denver, CO

Kate McBride
Snowmass, CO

Bob McDermott
Cherry Hill Village, CO

Kim Milligan
Durango, CO

Matt Moseley
Boulder, CO

David Parker
Aspen, CO

Roy Romer
Denver, CO

Mike Ryan
Fort Collins, CO

Gregg Somermeyer
Durango, CO

Jim Youssef, M.D
Durango, CO

Northern Rockies River Council

Dotty Ballantyne (Co-Chair)
Bozeman, MT

Jim Klug (Co-Chair)
Bozeman, MT

Beth Burrough
Denver, CO

Swep Davis
Bozeman, MT

Amanda Deaver
Sun Valley, ID

Chris Ennis
Bozeman, MT

Mike Garcia
Bozeman, MT

John Heminway
Bozeman, MT

Bill Hoffman
Atlanta, GA/Whitefish, MT

Nora and Chris Hohenlohe
Washington, DC/Missoula, MT

Hilary Hutcheson
Columbia Falls, MT

Susie McDowell
Wilson, WY/Naples, FL

Whitney McDowell
Bozeman, MT/Santa Barbara, CA

Clay Moorhead
Jackson, WY

Northwest River Council

Brad Axel, (Co-Chair)
Seattle, WA

Mark Busto, (Co-Chair)
Seattle, WA

Bob Denman
Redmond, WA

John Engber
Seattle, WA

Diana Gale
Seattle, WA

Matt Kellogg
Seattle WA

Steve Malloch
Seattle, WA

Jay Manning
Olympia, WA

Chuck Peven
Wenatchee, WA

Amy Terai
Seattle, WA

Julie Tokashiki
Seattle, WA

Dave Warren
Olympia, WA