American Rivers responds to President Trump’s statements on hydropower dams

April 5, 2017

April 5, 2017

Contact: Amy Kober, 503-708-1145

Washington – President Trump made several statements about hydropower dams yesterday, calling them “a great, great form of power” and “one of the best things you can do.” He suggested that regulation of hydropower should be relaxed.

Bob Irvin, President of American Rivers, made the following statement in response:

“The president is wrong when it comes to hydropower. Weakened environmental safeguards at hydro dams is the last thing we need. For the sake of public safety, our economy and our environment, we should prioritize the protection and restoration of our nation’s rivers.”

“Talking about weakening safeguards at hydropower dams is reckless, especially in the wake of the crisis at California’s Oroville Dam. There are serious safety concerns at dams nationwide.”

“Nobody wants to see more dead rivers, dried up streams or devastated fish and wildlife populations. Hydropower dams that destroy rivers aren’t clean energy. We need 21st century energy solutions.”

“When it comes to hydropower, the focus must not be on building new dams but instead on responsible operation and maximizing efficiency at existing facilities, and ensuring safeguards for clean water, fish and wildlife and communities.”


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