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American Rivers Hosted
Hosted by Other Organizers

List of cleanups:

2020 Earth Day River Cleanup

8th Annual Black River Clean-Up

Catawba Riversweep

Kansas City Missouri River Clean-up

Holmes Run Fun!

Broad Creek Clean Up

Walton Run creek @ Decatour Rd

Earth Day Rahway River Cleanup

6th Annual Provo River Cleanup

River clean up

Euclid Creek NOWCorps Acacia Clean Up

The Great Saw Mill River Cleanup

BRMHS Interact River Cleanup

Decker Landing Community River Cleanup

Pittsfield Community River Cleanup

Pittsfield Community River Cleanup

Pittsfield Community River Cleanup

Trashy Tuesday’s at RiverGirl

President’s Day Weekend Lower Salt River Cleanup

Earth Day Lower Salt River Cleanup

Jaime Zapata Boat Ramp and Brownsville Ship Channel Cleanup

Boscobel House and Gardens

North Branch Raritan River Clean Up

Nisqually River Cleanup 2020

Raritan Headwaters 30th Annual Stream Clean Up

French Broad River Festival cleanup

Keeping the Kern…Green and Clean!

Kiamichi River Clean Up

On-the-Water Cleanup

Sweep the Hooch

Acacia Euclid Creek Stream Cleanup

Wildwood Earth Day Cleanup

Spring Wildwood Cleanup

Euclid River Day Stream Cleanup

Walton Run creek @ Academy Rd

Whiteman Defenders Cleanup

City of Lowell River Sweep

NC Trail Days Cleanup

Byberry Creek @ Chesterfield Rd

2020 Fox-Wolf Watershed Cleanup

Project River Clean Up

Spring Bread and Cheese Creek Cleanup

Bear Creek Shoreline Cleanup

Stansbury Pond and Shore

Fall Bread and Cheese Creek Cleanup

St. Johns River Clean Up

Clean Our Caney

MWA River Cleanup

Riverkeeper Sweep – Yonkers Site

The Start to a Better Indy

Trash Bash 2020