We have received your cleanup registration. If you need American Rivers to create the Litterati challenge for you, we will need information about your challenge. Before you proceed, please review the Litterati for Cleanup Organizers webpage and then complete the Challenge Information Form below.

  • Challenge Information

  • We recommend using the name of your cleanup with the word challenge. Ex. Delaware River Cleanup Challenge.
  • We recommend anticipating each participant to log an average of 40 pieces.
  • If your cleanup is one site such as a neighborhood or park, choose 2 miles. If it’s multiple sites within a section of the city or county, choose 5 or 10 miles. If it’s a small city, choose 25. If it’s a big city or county or the area, choose 50. Please note it is a radius therefore we will not be able to draw geofences around specific locations.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    (Note that the challenge will end at 12:01 EST time end date. If you want the challenge to go through Sunday at midnight, choose MONDAY as your end date.)
  • Characters can only use numbers, capital case letters and hyphens. Examples include: DELRIVER; AR2020; CLEAN-UP.