Keep Utah’s Water in Utah

Location: Wyoming, Utah, Colorado

The Green River is the largest tributary of the Colorado River, and carves some of the most iconic river canyons in the U.S. Thousands of anglers fish its waters and thousands of rafters experience its majestic canyons each year, generating a robust rural economy across three states. However, a proposal to pump a massive volume of water out of the Green into a pipeline reaching over 500 miles across Wyoming to Colorado’s Front Range threatens world-class recreation, rural economies, critical fish habitats, and the water supply for the lower Colorado River Basin. The Governors of Utah and Colorado must join Wyoming’s Governor Mead in opposing the pipeline and standing up for more efficient, cost-effective water supply solutions.

Take Action to Protect the Green River!

Ask Utah’s governor to oppose diverting water from the Green River into Colorado and protect the jobs and economic health of the communities that rely on the river. Take action »

Green River at a Glance

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