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Celebrating 25 Years of Arkansas River Cleanups

National River Cleanup®
This year, National River Cleanup® (NRC) is celebrating its 25th anniversary! To help celebrate, we’ve asked Rose Bayless, program assistant at the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area (AHRA), to share the story of her cleanup, which is also celebrating 25 years! Over the past quarter century, NRC and AHRA have... Read More

You Spoke Out. The Grand Canyon Won.

Most Endangered Rivers
It would be challenging to find anyone who claims that the Grand Canyon is not one of the most awe-inspiring and magnificent landscapes on the planet. Although, according to Yelp, some people may not fully appreciate the extent of its awesomeness, most people, and certainly the majority of the... Read More

Water & Wine – Sustaining the Verde Valley’s Blossoming Industry

Blue Trails
Settling on cozy couches in an office building nestled in the well-groomed vineyards and gardens of Page Springs Cellars, I listened to owner and winemaker Eric Glomski tell the story of how he came to run one of the most successful and cutting edge vineyards and wine-making businesses in... Read More

Hope Valley Meadow Restoration Project: Phase I

Conserving Clean Water, Restoring Damaged Rivers, Water Supply
Phase one of the project on the Upper West Fork Carson River stabilized 130 feet of high eroding streambank, providing habitat and water quality benefits. ... Read More

Burning Murphy Meadow

Restoring Damaged Rivers
Controlled burning can restore meadows, which are often the site of river headwaters. ... Read More

Congress’ Plan to Privatize Rivers

Restoring Damaged Rivers
A new program authorized in 2014 will allow for the privatization of the Mississippi River and river recreationists may start paying to degrade river habitat.... Read More