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Can the Colorado Water Plan work?

Most Endangered Rivers, Water Supply
In a recent 5280 magazine article, Kate Siber asked, “Can a Water Plan Actually Work”? At times she came close, but never really answered her own question. The answer is a solid “it all depends”. The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) Director James Ecklund and his staff have put a... Read More

Oil Spill Cleanups are a Myth

Conserving Clean Water
As someone who lived through the worst oil spill disaster in American history, I’m going to tell you an unpleasant truth – oil spill cleanups are a myth. I was among the thousands of workers who were hired to clean up the 11 million gallons of North Slope crude that... Read More

First Wild and Scenic Rivers in Vermont

Conserving Clean Water, Discover Rivers, Wild and Scenic Rivers
Today we highlight another of the new Wild and Scenic Rivers that were designated recently by Congress.  The Missisquoi and Trout Rivers became the first Wild and Scenic Rivers in Vermont.  These are another example of the Partnership Rivers model, a collaboration between local communities and the National Park... Read More

Celebrating Passage of the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act

Wild and Scenic Rivers
Western Montanans are lucky enough to live amongst truly wild places: valleys created by free-flowing rivers, seas of peaks reaching for the sky, and largely intact habitats that are filled with all of species that were present at the time of European contact. The Rocky Mountain Front – that... Read More

Planning for growth – respect or diminish Colorado’s rivers?

Most Endangered Rivers, Water Supply
Governor Hickenlooper recently received the initial draft of the Colorado Water Plan.  This “plan” has been in the making since the drought year of 2002, and it’s not over yet.  Work on the Plan, including public input, will continue through the coming year, with the Final version due to... Read More

It is Scientifically Proven That What Happens Upstream Will Affect Downstream

Conserving Clean Water
On January 15, 2015 the Environmental Protection Agency released a scientific report demonstrating the importance of small streams and wetlands to downstream water quality. The report, Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters, is based on current scientific research, specifically 1,200 publications from peer-reviewed scientific literature. The EPA’s... Read More

Pipeline Company Gives Up On Cleaning Its Oil Spill

Conserving Clean Water, Water Supply
Update: Feb 6, 2015 Three weeks after the Poplar Pipeline spewed 40,000 gallons of oil into the Yellowstone River in eastern Montana, cleanup efforts have been called off due to dangerous ice conditions. The spill, which occurred on January 17, contaminated the city of Glendive’s drinking water supply and... Read More