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Menominee Tribe Fights to Stop Controversial Mine

Conserving Clean Water, Most Endangered Rivers
The Back 40 project threatens many of the sacred and beloved sites along the Michigan and Wisconsin's Menominee River. The Menominee Tribe is fighting to prevent this project from damaging all of their sacred land.... Read More

Why the Neuse River is a Part of Me

Floods & Floodplains, Most Endangered Rivers
The beauty of the Neuse River runs deep within surrounding communities in North Carolina. But the smell of sewage floating into the river is decreasing fish populations, as well as harming its health.... Read More

Protecting the Hanford Reach National Monument

Discover Rivers, Protecting Rivers, Wild and Scenic Rivers
President Trump recently ordered an unprecedented review of more than two dozen national monuments with the aim of potentially reducing or revoking protections. The Hanford Reach National Monument in Washington is under threat by this “review”.... Read More

Running for Rivers: An Interview With Keith Hanson

Protecting Rivers
Keith Hanson, an ultra-marathon runner, is preparing to run 300 miles in 3 days across the state of South Carolina. We caught up with Keith and talked about his love for rivers and what he hopes to accomplish with this run.... Read More

Brewing Up a Healthy Neuse River

Floods & Floodplains, Most Endangered Rivers
If you love beer, then you love clean water. And the Neuse River Brewing Company relies on the clean water of the Neuse River to produce quality beers for everyone. But there's a catch.... Read More

Why the Lower Colorado is America’s #1 Most Endangered River®

Most Endangered Rivers, Protecting Rivers, Water Supply
The Lower Colorado River has been subject to piping, diverting, and damming, ultimately stripping its title and consideration as a river. But, in fact, the Lower Colorado River is one of the most important rivers that desperately needs our protection. By coming together and promoting smarter solutions to help... Read More

Neuse and Cape Fear Rivers Need Floodplain Protection

Floods & Floodplains, Most Endangered Rivers
The Neuse River and the Cape Fear River, two of 2017's Most Endangered Rivers, are constantly being threatened by excessive animal waste stored in floodplains. By removing the existing concentrated animal feeding operations in the floodplain, the threat to our water resources and communities will be reduced.... Read More

Three Reasons Families Need Healthy Rivers

Protecting Rivers
It's that time of year again! June is National Rivers Month, a time to celebrate and understand the importance of our rivers. As a constant source for clean drinking water and outdoor recreation, rivers are very important to families across the country. Here is a deeper look into why... Read More