Georgia’s Flint River provides water for over one million people, 10,000 farms, unique wildlife, and 300 miles of exceptional fishing and paddling. Despite being in a historically wet area of the country, portions of the Flint River system have run dry in recent droughts, and even in rainy years, flows in the Flint and many of its tributaries have dropped dramatically.

The reasons are many, including water demand from communities in the upper Flint basin, intensive agricultural water use in the lower basin, urbanization at the river’s headwaters, and frequent and prolonged drought.  The Flint’s low-flow problems are a reminder that water scarcity is increasingly a serious issue in all regions of the country.

American Rivers and Flint Riverkeeper are working in collaboration with diverse partners to restore the flows and health of the Flint. The State of Georgia also has a role to play and must protect the Flint in droughts and at all times to safeguard the river’s health for today and future generations.

Take action to save the Flint: sign our petition today to speak up for balanced water use and a healthy river.

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About our film:
American Rivers collaborated with Modoc Stories to create “Flint,” a short film celebrating the beauty and mysteries of this important river. The film features three individuals—Robin McInvale, Jimmy Miller, and Paul DeLoach—each with their own personal tie to the river.