Upper Flint River Working Group

Upper Flint River Basin

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As part of our work on water supply and healthy flows in Southeastern rivers, American Rivers is engaged in a multi-year project to assess low-flow problems in the upper Flint River system of west-central Georgia.

A key element of our project in the upper Flint is to help convene an Upper Flint River Working Group—a group of diverse stakeholders coming together with the common goal of restoring healthy flows in the upper Flint. Although the Flint has suffered in recent years from declining low flows, collaborative work on finding solutions can restore the river to health.

This broad base of diverse stakeholders includes water providers, water users, residents, businesses, landowners, congregations, non-profit organizations and all who depend on a vibrant, flowing Flint River. The Working Group’s geographic focus is on the Piedmont region of the river basin—on the river and its tributaries from the uppermost headwaters to the Fall Line.

The premise of this Working Group is that stakeholders of all types in the river basin have an impact of some type on the river, and all can play a role in restoring the river to health. Because there are many different factors in the low-flow problem on the upper Flint River, there are many opportunities for those who depend on the river system to help restore it. Working Group members commit to pursuing the restoration opportunities that are available to them. Although these efforts will vary in type and scope, each effort will be part of a wider collaboration and a mutual commitment to working to restore the river’s health.

For more information on low-flow issues in the upper Flint River basin, download our recent report, Running Dry: Challenges and Opportunities in Restoring Healthy Flows in Georgia’s Upper Flint River Basin.

For more information on the Upper Flint River Working Group or to get involved, please contact Ben Emanuel in American Rivers’ Atlanta office at (404) 373-3980.

Members of the Upper Flint River Working Group

(Note: This list will be continually updated as the Working Group grows.)

  • American Rivers
  • City of Griffin Water System
  • Clayton County Water Authority
  • Flint River Council, Boy Scouts of America
  • Flint Riverkeeper
  • Georgia Interfaith Power & Light
  • The Nature Conservancy – Georgia Chapter
  • Southern Conservation Trust