Grand Canyon Under Siege

Developing in the Grand Canyon would greatly impact the Colorado River. Help us scale up our efforts to protect it with a gift today.

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Surrounded and Vulnerable

The 277 miles of the Grand Canyon are vast and wild and untouchable, revered throughout our nation’s history and protected for all time – or so it has seemed.

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Development in the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is a national treasure, and it is the engine of the local economy. But the world is full of sad examples of natural wonders and cultural treasures despoiled when tourism and development go too far.

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Buckley Dam: Stop Killing the Salmon

The Army Corps has promised to fix Washington’s Buckley Dam before and failed to deliver. Will they keep their promise or let the fish kills will continue? We have a responsibility to hold the Army Corps accountable.

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Dams Are Problem Creators, Not Solvers

Proposed and under construction dams around the world are less likely to solve our energy problems but more likely to bring in problems like ecological damage, flooding, methane emissions, and even water wars.

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Protecting Wild Rivers

We need rivers like the Yampa – to remind us how rivers are supposed to function, to demonstrate what is possible and to help us improve the management of other rivers in the Colorado Basin.

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