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There Isn’t Any Water Left

Colorado will need significantly more water by the year 2050. Much of this water has to come from a source that has not yet been identified. A need without a solution is a recipe for crisis.

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Want to Build a Blue Trail?

Rivers are the lifeblood of our communities, providing clean drinking water and supporting local businesses and recreation opportunities. That’s why we’re launching a new site to help communities connect with their hometown river.

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America's Most Endangered Rivers

Each year we list ten of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®, drawing attention to significant threats facing our rivers. There has been progress on these critical issues – here are some highlights from that work.

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Saving the Colorado River with 5 Actions

Steps currently being taken to improve the situation are not up to the task of bringing the Colorado River system back into balance. We need bold and powerful measures to secure water resources for millions of Americans.

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