An open sandy spot
is here to welcome our tent.
The river and breeze
sing in harmony
and the sound is sweet.

So strange that
this song of the river
that was so new to me yesterday,
becomes the lullaby I have to hear
to make sweet dreams possible.

We stop and see
Hieroglyphics. Sacred art that is
respectfully left alone so others
can be inspired. Hikes that give us
vista’s that leave us all speechless.

Our guides are the preachers
of this cathedral and we are the
grateful congregation.
We walk on trails that
seem to disappear and reappear
at random spots.

Now a pandemic called the Escalade
threatens the beauty that exists.
Like a Wal-Mart crowd buying
the sacraments of Notre Dam
at rock bottom prices.
We can never undo that
which must never to be done.

-Lea Brovedani