Today the Washington State Parks Foundation published an article “Local Conservationist Hikes the Green River Gorge from Kanaskat-Palmer to Flaming Geyser State Park“. They did a great job of telling the story of how and why I committed to a rugged descent of one of the last wild places in King County that is also a Washington State Park.

The commitment to raise awareness of the gorge comes from feeling connected to a place. I heard a saying a couple of nights ago. Without a river there are no people and without people there isn’t a river. It was in reference to the Duwamish tribe’s fight for restoration of their treaty rights, but it also struck me personally. For a brief time in human history I have called the Green River Gorge home.

I lived near its rim and spent many days exploring the rim and the river. Those adventures spurred me to turn the love of a place into action. So a place became a way of life and a passion that has really defined who I am. It doesn’t hurt that the Green River Gorge feels like an expedition every time I venture into its depths.

-Lisa Parsons