On Sunday my husband and I finished up hiking my last section of river from highway 169 to Flaming Geyser and had walked and swam in that section of river. We didn’t see any salmon during our hike. On Wednesday, as I was standing on the shore of the Green River in the gorge, I received a call from a fisherman friend of mine. He said “They’re here!” I looked out into the deep green water in front of me. I didn’t see any fish. But I hadn’t really been looking because I hadn’t expected them so soon. I suddenly had to reorganize my plans. They weren’t on my schedule I was on theirs. Dropping everything, I said I’d be up to meet him within an hour. I set off on my hike up out of one place in the gorge and into another.

I met him at Kanaskat State Park. He took me out to one of his fishing holes and pointed out where they were staging in the river. He pointed to a large rock. I could see the rustle of fins breaking the surface of the river around the rock. He said they won’t be here for long. They are getting ready to spawn. http://www.greenrivergorge.org/field-notes-1/2016/9/20/theyre-here-chinook-salmon

-Lisa Parsons