Every river has a story, and every great story has a river. We each have a unique river story – and we want to hear yours.

Your passion is your river – is it urban or rural? Big rapids or calm currents? Do you explore solo or with friends and family? Are you paddling across a watery expanse, or quietly contemplating its unique beauty from shore? Each of us has a story like this to share and there are many people across the land who want to hear them.

Join us around this virtual campfire. Share your favorite river, a special memory, a fun photo or video, and we will post it here. If you’re on social media, share your story using the hashtag #WeAreRivers.

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The Blessed Rio Grande

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I was 8 years old, I think, when I first ran Santa Elena Canyon of the Rio Grande River. I have made the trip so many times now I loose count. My parents subscribed themselves, and consequently me too, to a life lived with wilderness and adventure. Over the... Read More

Progress on the Maumee

National River Cleanup®
I first became involved with cleaning up the rivers in Fort Wayne around 2008 at Save Maumee Grassroots Organization’s annual Earth Day clean up. I helped to clean up the banks of the Maumee River and to install erosion control mats and plant trees. I recently became roommates with... Read More

A River Family Reunion

National River Cleanup®
On our days off we always take a river trip. In the late 1980’s, we noticed how much trash was in the river, especially beer cans and tires. I told my son that we should do something about the trash, but I told him that if we were going... Read More

Experiencing The Wild Yampa With A River Hero

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George Wendt, president and founder of OARS, passed away on July 9. I was fortunate to float the Yampa with George three years ago. I was seven months pregnant, and he was a bit taken aback that I was on the trip. He was worried I’d be ok and... Read More

Carmel River Restored

Restoring Damaged Rivers
The Carmel River was recently restored in California. With the removal of the San Clemente Dam (which had mostly filled with silt), the California Steelhead can begin to thrive again and the residents in the Carmel River Valley can enjoy the re-routed river for generations to come. It’s truly... Read More

Clean, Cold and Beautiful

National River Cleanup®
I am a 78 year old retired dentist. When I retired in 1999, I paddled rivers in NW Michigan and I saw a serious need for river cleanups. I decided to do something about it (with American River's help). I started and lead the Boardman River Clean Sweep in... Read More

Celebrating on the Colorado

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I couldn’t imagine inviting everyone I love to celebrate my wedding without also showing them one of my favorite places to just “be.”... Read More

Big Sky Country

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"I love to see healthy, free-flowing rivers brimming with clear, clean water."... Read More

Conservation and Diversity

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Janae Davis worked with American Rivers staff in the Rivers of Southern Appalachia and the Carolinas. Now she is a graduate student at Clark University in Massachusetts. “Through my fellowship at American Rivers, I got a chance to delve deeper into the issues of diversity and the environmental movement,”... Read More

Enjoying the Maumee

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As a young girl, I joined the Girl Scouts. Every summer we would go to day camp at Side Cut Metropark in Maumee, Ohio right on the Maumee River. It was this experience that led me to love the river. When we had the chance to play in the... Read More