There are many different ways to protect rivers, riverside lands and the benefits they provide to communities. In this resource center, you will find tools to protect rivers including information about source water protection, public lands protection, economic benefits of river protection and recreation, river recreation management and sustainable sources of funding for this work.

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Ecotourism Benefits through River Conservation

To illustrate the benefits communities have discovered by protecting and restoring local rivers, American Rivers developed Ecotourism Benefits Through River Conservation, a series of case studies highlighting gateway communities and how they have benefited from local river and land conservation.... Read More

Economic Value of Riparian Buffers

This report investigates the various means by which riparian buffers are valued, identifies specific challenges and gaps in current knowledge, and recommends opportunities for improved understanding of riparian buffer values. Two key findings are that the public has a willingness to pay for the restorative qualities associated with riparian... Read More

Daylighting Streams: Breathing Life into Urban Streams and Communities

This report describes the importance of small streams and provides the context for why many of today’s urban streams are buried. It also identifies and analyzes the benefits of stream daylighting, including water quality improvements, flood mitigation, and community and economic revitalization. Case studies within the report illustrate the... Read More

American Rivers’ Blue Trails Guide

American Rivers believes that the best way to move people from environmental awareness to environmental action is by giving them an opportunity to experience and enjoy their rivers and lands through family-friendly recreation.... Read More

A Guide to Sustainable River Recreation Management Planning

The goal of this guide is to provide a framework for local governments, planners, non-profit organizations, and others to develop an effective river recreation management plan that has strong community support. It will provide resources and case studies that shine a spotlight on communities that have navigated the recreation... Read More