There are many different ways to protect rivers, riverside lands and the benefits they provide to communities. In this resource center, you will find tools to protect rivers including information about source water protection, public lands protection, economic benefits of river protection and recreation, river recreation management and sustainable sources of funding for this work.

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Wild and Scenic Resource Center

This resource center provides the information and tools needed to influence practical policy and actions in behalf of high-value, healthy local rivers.... Read More

Where Rivers Are Born

This paper summarizes the scientific basis for understanding that the health and productivity of rivers and lakes depends upon intact small streams and wetlands. Scientific support for the importance of small streams and wetlands has only increased since the reports initial publication. Both new research findings and special issues... Read More

Source Water Collaborative Learning Exchange

The Source Water Collaborative Learning Exchange is a platform for discussing current challenges, sharing stories, and transferring knowledge on source water protection (SWP). It includes resources like webinars, case studies, and funding opportunities.... Read More

Reconnecting Rivers to Floodplains

This paper explores the hydrologic and ecological functions that floodplains provide, and how those functions are lost through floodplain disconnection and modification. The report synthesizes current river-floodplain science and characterizes four attributes that create and sustain functional floodplains; connectivity, variable flow, spatial scale, and habitat and structural diversity. To... Read More

Public Access guide for Landowners

This guide, written by the River Management Society and National Park Service, intended to help leaders of organizations that manage recreational access to water on both privately held and public land, or are negotiating with landowners for the privilege of doing so. It may also be useful to landowners... Read More

Protecting Sources of Drinking Water

A resource center developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that provides information about drink water and source water assessments, planning for drinking water sources, important partnership and drinking water funding.... Read More

Prepare to Launch (website)

To help facility and trail planners, and park and recreation project leaders when planning, building, or updating access sites that are tailored to the needs of the canoeists, kayakers, tubers, stand-up paddlers, rowers, or small craft sailors (commonly referred to as “paddlers” in this document). Prepare to Launch! will... Read More

Prepare to Launch (guideline document)

This report, written by River Management Society and National Park Service, is a guideline for assessing, designing and building access sites for carry-in watercrafts.... Read More

Naturally Stronger

This report illustrates the importance of making equitable investment in natural water infrastructure by highlighting successes across the country including contributions to national and local economies. Naturally Stronger makes the case that if natural infrastructure is used in a more integrated water system, we can transform and restore our... Read More

Natural Defenses

This report provides best practices and case studies examples for using natural infrastructure or natural defenses as a reliable, cost effective and flexible practice for communities to adapt to a change climate.... Read More

National Water Trails System Toolbox

The goal of this toolbox is to share knowledge and best practices among water trail managers, whether you are working on new or well-established water trails. It is a resource provided by  the National Water Trails System. The seven elements of a successful and sustainable water trail are considered... Read More