The Great Islands Clean-Up: Fall Event

In partnership with the Terrestrial Managers Group of the San Juan Islands and an extensive array of other local partners the Fall event will help clean-up the island’s roadsides and beaches from summer impacts. Environmental Education and community conversation events are planned as well. Volunteers will register on the island of their choice and participate with locals and visitors from around the world to once again remove litter and debris from the area and ensure it does not enter into the watersheds and Salish Sea. This year’s focus will be on plastics and micro-plastics sharing the harmful effects on wildlife , humans and the environment. There will also be celebrations of success planned for each island. The Great Islands Clean-Up Fall Event includes all ferry served islands and private islands as well. This has always proven to be a day of action and stewardship with deep engagement and profound rewards of doing and being.

Cleanup Sign-up

Sign up here to volunteer with your local cleanup. Bringing friends and family with you? Please register each volunteer separately!