Sandy River Cleanup


I am a huge fan of the Sandy River. Whether I’m fishing, floating, or just hanging out on the beach, its one of my favorite places to be. However the increasing amounts of trash over the years has really started to get out of hand. It’s a truly sad thing to see such a beautiful place covered in garbage, and that’s why I’m organizing a river cleanup this month, and I would be grateful if some of you would join in. We will be starting at Dabney park, and then heading up river(or down if you choose to). I know it seems like a late time to do this, but it’s really important to get as much trash off the banks before the river rises this winter. I will be able to supply a couple cases of construction trash bags and gloves. A grabber tool would be a great thing to have but I won’t be able to supply too many, so if you have your own, bring it! In the meantime I will be contacting a few companies to see if they could help donate some cleanup supplies. I’m asking that even if you’re not interested in this, mention it to someone you think might be. It would be great if we could have a huge crew out there respecting such an awesome place that we all get to share. Spread the word! SANDY RIVER CLEANUP SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 30TH 8AM-12PM

START: DABNEY [email protected] RAIN OR SHINE


Cleanup Sign-up

Sign up here to volunteer with your local cleanup. Bringing friends and family with you? Please register each volunteer separately!