Navasota River Cleanup

Clean-up Information

Paddlesports Outpost
River: Navasota River
Contact Phone: (713) 828-7582
Event Date & Time: 04/23/2022, 08:00 am

From the coordinator:
I am trying to organize a river clean up on the Navasota River over here in Brazos County. I ran a paddling day trip on a local section of that river this semester for a Landscape Architecture class here at Texas A&M. The point of the class was to see the impacts of urban development on a river. Where Carter Creek (the major drainage for much of Bryan/College Station) meets with the Navasota, we encountered an immense amount of trash that had been washed down and caught on some downed trees. It was so much trash that one of my trip leaders and I could walk on it in some spots and it covered the surface of the river from bank to bank for about 80 feet (see attached). Needless to say, I was appalled at this and I began to hatch a plan to organize a river clean up in the Spring, since most of this trash is a product of the B/CS urban area and by extension, Texas A&M. I am working with our County Commissioner, Russ Ford to work on getting the trash disposed of once we get it out. At this point, I’m trying to decide whether to keep it small (maybe just me and some of my staff who volunteer) or to open it up to a larger group. The idea would be that we would use canoes to access the main snag and then begin to sack up and haul out the trash to the bank. I’d like to organize a volunteer squad of 30 or so people to work on the project with some pulling trash from the water, some hauling it to the bank and some sorting it. Knowing that we’d be working with volunteers, I want to focus on volunteer care, so trying to find an office or group to sponsor lunch, snacks, t-shirts or water bottles or something like that for them would be good.

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