Clean-up Information

River: All rivers in the U.S.

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 202-243-7033

Event Date | Time: 12/31/2020 | to

Join our Virtual National River Cleanup Challenge on Litterati, a mobile app that tracks litter collection by allowing users to photograph, upload and tag litter in their area.

By participating in our Challenge, you will help reduce and prevent litter from reaching our rivers and streams. Together we can keep our waters clean and healthy for people and nature.

Challenge Period: September 28-December 31

Use the free Litterati app on your mobile device to join National River Cleanup Challenge. In the app, you will photograph each piece of litter you pick up before properly discarding it and tag it to record valuable information about the litter being kept from our rivers.

How to participate:
1. Download the free Litterati app on your mobile device using the App Store or Google Play
2. Join the National River Cleanup challenge using the code: ARCLEANUP
3. Claim your account to save your tracked litter, access all tools and data
4. Photograph a piece of litter and discard properly. Find a discarded coffee cup, crushed soda can, candy wrapper, or any other piece of litter & take a picture
5. Tag the photo

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