Leslie County Community Canoe Cleanup

River: Middle Fork/Kentucky River

Contact Email: kamostrander@gmail.com

Contact Phone: (734) 255-9747

Event Date | Time: 06/13/2020 | 10:00 am to 01:00 pm

First Annual Leslie County Community Cleanup Social Distancing-Style

Saturday, June 13

*If you have trouble signing up for this event using the form below, please immediately contact Kammy at kamostrander@gmail.com.*

Please share and spread the word!

Wyatt and I are asking you to join us as stewards of our natural resources in Leslie County and help clean up our waterways! We love our community and want to keep it beautiful! This is a great way to come together as a community in these troubled times. Sponsored by American Rivers, the City of Hyden and Hydens Citizens Bank. 

Participating is easy and will be done in family groups this year to ensure social distancing and the safety of everyone. Families will simply register (using the form below) in advance of the cleanup date and print off a liability release in order to participate. Then, simply decide how many twenty five pound garbage bags you will commit to fill on the day of the event. Contact me or Wyatt to exchange your liability release for free garbage bags and gloves. If you would like to fill out information on your group’s collection on page 2 of the liability release and return it to Kammy or Wyatt after the event you may but you are not required to fill out page 2 as the organizers will fill this out for the cleanup.

Liability releases and bags, and additional gloves if needed, will be available 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM the day of the cleanup at the Farmers Market at Hyden’s River Front Park, 60 Dryhill Road, at the Essentially Yours LLC/Essential Oils & Yoga booth for registered participants. I will also be at the Farmers Market Friday 3-8 PM.

A designated dumpster will be provided on Saturday through Sunday right by the city dumpster to the right of the park entrance on Dryhill Road. Please use that dumpster for your collected garbage so we can keep track of how much and what type of garbage our cleanup removes from the river!  You may also collect and stack tires in this area to be hauled away on Monday through the Bridgestone America Program. They ask that tires be reasonably free from debris as possible and none of them are large tractor tires.

On the day of the event, families will go out on their own in their canoes and kayaks to clean up along the waterways in Leslie County and can choose what time of day and section of the Middle Fork, or waterways leading into the river, they want to work on. Participants are encouraged to take and post pictures on social media to promote this event. If you can provide canoes or kayaks, or your organization would like to become a sponsor of this event, please contact us!

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