Hewitt Pits Clean Out

The Black River between Norman Rd and Comstock Rd is filled with a large amount of trash. Everything from car tires, car parts, fridges, glass, plastic and even a few cars. I have thrown in off both roads and gone up stream and down and have got a good bit so far. But I cannot handle this spot alone. If I can get the key to gate located at Hewitt and Graham rd from the DNR for the state land it is. It would be a huge help. But I wasn’t able to get it from them. How ever if your truck can make it down and back up a slight hill. We can take another path. For more info feel free to contact me via email @ [email protected] or on Facebook via the MICHIGAN CUORB page or my info is listed at micuorb.weebly.com as well

Cleanup Sign-up

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